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south africa efficient new gangue chinaware ball mill

ABB has what it takes to help every industry and application reach new levels of efficiency and energy savings even under the most demanding conditions. Combining the best available materials with superior technology, the electric motors and generators are designed to operate reliably no matter how challenging the process or application, and to have low life cycle costs.

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abb motors and generators

Two ABB synchronous condensers have been installed as an integral part of the Darlington Point Solar Farm. The technology will enhance the stability of the local power grid as the penetration of renewable energy increases in a critical area of New South Wales

A project to reduce electric motor failures by 80 percent using wireless Smart Sensors has exceeded all expectations with no motor breakdowns recorded in the two years since the technology was deployed

Daisy-YueQin Bo, Product Manager, Large Motors and Generators, ABB Motion, recently explained to IM why large slip-ring motors, rated typically up to 8,000 kW, offer particular advantages for heavy load inertia applications in the mining industry, such as mills, fans, crushers and conveyors.

abb motors and generators

ring-geared mill drives - grinding | abb

Decreasing global mineral resources, exploitation of lower ore grades in more remote locations and extreme environmental conditions lead to increased material processing and potential rise in CAPEX.

The need for reliable and robust grinding solutions is driving the development of new technologies able to cope with larger equipment generating higher throughput. If in the past single pinion mills were enough to process all material, today dual pinion or gearless driven mills are necessary. Not only the mill equipment was adapted to exceed its technical and performance limits. Also, the drive solution experienced continuous developments, influenced by the newest trends, that permit reaching new grinding frontiers. Nowadays more and more mills are fed by frequency converter systems, allowing for higher performance and flexibility of operation. ABB continuously extends technical and performance frontiers of ring-geared mill drive (RMD) technology to fit your site requirements. We provide optimized mill drive solutions for all types of ring-geared mills: low and high speed, single and dual pinion, with and without a gearbox — all designed for reliable, long life and low maintenance operation

Based on ABB’s 800xA platform, the RMDcockpit is a specific mill application tool comprised of a touch screen panel allowing full access to the main parameters of the drive system as well as to the mill application features such as automatic positioning and creeping modes.

ring-geared mill drives - grinding | abb

The user-friendly interface was developed with focus on the most important operation and maintenance activities. From one single place, the system can be monitored, operated and troubleshooted. The tool also provides direct links to the user’s manual where operators can access the information they are looking for, just with a click of a button. RMDcockpit provides the following functions:

The variable speed RMD solutions offer the ability to minimize the wear of mechanical components of the mill. As an example, the impact of the balls on the liners of the mill can be avoided by reducing the rotation speed.  Several other benefits can be achieved, as such:  Operational advantages

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