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Hello Manny, it looks like this item is a store exclusive item and only able to be bought in a Home Depot store. Unfortunately we do not sell it with online stock for purchase. If you are unable to see the store inventory or price it is most likely either not a stocked item in your area or no longer available for purchase from Homedepot.com. I would advise you visit or contact your local Home Depot store for pricing and availability. Please follow the steps below to localize your Homedepot.com: 1. Localize Homedepot.com using your zip code (My Store Location: Change) 2. Choose the store where you want to pick up the item (Make this my Store) We appreciate your business and look forward to serving you in the future. Thank you for shopping Home Depot!

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5 gal. g3 - pathway stabilizer bottle - the home depot

Allen, thanks for the inquiry. Unlike, untreated decomposed granite and crushed stone mixes the need for a weed fabric is unneeded (no loose material for weeds to easily grow). As well, the biggest drawbacks are the fabric creates a 'weak link' between the stabilized surface material and the sub-base; think of 'thin ice' on a pond. Also, weed fabric can retain excess moisture after heavy rainfall and snowmelt(and exacerbate that 'thin ice' issue). Oversaturation is the Achille's heal of any stabilized stone dust-based material (i.e. decomposed granite). Without a weed fabric you save money, time, and in the end you get a better results

G3 products, although like most 'polymers', can offer similar characteristics as some concrete polymers (elasticity, pliability, flexural strength, etc). Concrete polymers are designed to additive to enhance concrete, not necessarily intended as a 'stand-alone' product. However, the benefit of our G3 products is were specifically designed to bond with soil-based materials, such as; 3/8" minus decomposed granites and crushed stone mixes

I applied this stabilizer to a large area of my back yard which is decomposed granite. The liquid is white, but after it dried, it was completely invisible. So I doubt it would stain or color your concrete blocks

5 gal. g3 - pathway stabilizer bottle - the home depot

Eric, If the aggregate you used was comprised of more than 30% stone dust (pre-installation) and the top surface is rocky, yet 'intact', you can sift some stone dust and fill in any voids- then you can apply the topcoat. I recommend using a pressurized sprayer to avoid 'washing out' the fresh stone dust. If the aggregate had less than 30% stone dust and/or the top surface has more than 10% loose aggregate then please give out Technical Support Department a call and we can address your project in greater detail

It's hard to say anything bad about this product. I've been using TechniSoil on the trail we built leading to the bottom of our yard for 5 years. Every couple of years I touch up the DG and use TechniSoil to stabilize the trail. It works great. You will use more than you think you need. I use a hand tamper only, for the entire trail. Good Luck!

tbo, Thanks for the question. G3 products are only compatiable with a decomposed granite (1/4" or 3/8" minus are the most common), which is comprised of 30-40% stone dust. However, we do make a specific product esigned to bond 'pea gravel', EkoFlo Permeable Pebble Binder. The good news is it 'is' compatible with the Vigaro Bagged Pea Gravel (the preferred size is 3/8"). It will make your pea gravel hard as nails and maintenance-free. Visit our website to learn more about EkoFlo, or give our Technical Support Deapartment a call and we'll help assure you garner optimal results

5 gal. g3 - pathway stabilizer bottle - the home depot

To control variables it's preferred to install/apply the G3 products when the temperatures from application through during is above 50 degrees, this will help expedite the process and help assure optimal results. Always avoid any temperatures below 40 degrees, because freezing temperatures to an uncured G3 liquid can cause bonding issues (same applies for G3 storage). G3 can still be installed during 'cooler' conditions, but it will often prolong the timeframe between the first application and compaction, as well as prolong the curing process by 24 or longer. Please contact our Technical Support Department if you have any additional questions

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