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quarry ireland sand making stone quarry

We are a family owned and operated business with a strong focus on quality and customer satisfaction. From our location in Meelick, Swinford, Co. Mayo we operate two fully automated batching plants with a daily production capacity of over 500 cubic meters. We provide prompt reliable service to our customers with knowledgeable and accommodating staff to ensure you receive the most suitable product to meet your requirements.

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Our high quality products are tested on an on-going basis in accordance with our factory production control systems; they are CE certified, conform to all current standards and are pyrite-free. Ready mixed concrete conforms to EN206 standard and our quality systems are audited annually by the National Standards Authority of Ireland (NSAI) to ensure continued quality and conformance

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The Sand and Gravel Pit used by ECT Sand & Gravel has a history of over 100 years supplying sand and gravel and road making materials to Wicklow, Dublin and Wexford along with surrounding areas. The pit was acquired by Vincent Cousins in 1999, since then Vincent has been striving to improve the range and quality of products for the construction industry including sand and gravel for road making materials and other applications. Our full range of supplies include gravel, pebbles, hand, and stone for domestic and commercial use.ECT Sand & Gravel has invested in a new washing and screening plant which incorporates a double cyclone sand making plant. This new plant enables ECT to diversify into a wider range of products to suit building and civil engineering firms, offering high-quality, professional products that you can rely on

The new plant has given ECT greater flexibility with its product range which the customer demands. The new plant is capable of producing 5 different grades of sands. These sands can be varied and changed in specifications to suit the customer. With quality and reduced moisture content a priority

ect sand & gravel | quarry | wicklow

Here at ECT Sand & Gravel, we offer a range of sand products suitable for domestic and commercial use. As experienced sand suppliers, we can advise you on the best sand products suitable for your individual needs

Our Wicklow quarry is a leading supplier of stone and stone products for domestic and commercial use. We offer large stones for decorative & construction use as well as being a top-quality pebble supplier for homes and businesses across Wickloe. 

We offer an extensive range of pebbles and pebble products mined straight from our Wicklow Quarry & suitable for home and commercial use. Our pebbles are suitable for use as domestic decoration and can also be used in construction and commercial projects. 

ect sand & gravel | quarry | wicklow

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