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Doodle Maker Deluxe is indeed an award winning solution provider when it comes to making animated videos enabling you to dominate any chosen niche for maximum results not just today but for months and years to come

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The reality of online video evolves very quickly, what works to convert your prospects customers into giving you sales and profit will keep on changing. As people consume countless videos one needs a fresh approach on how to release videos that capture attention

The Great news is that Doodle Maker Deluxe keeps you ahead of the curve and will always be up to date for the next coming years. Use of Artificial intelligence will consistently outperform the competition/competitors

They will be adding 50 new doodle character assets each month to your account. Only Deluxe members get access to these character assets so you will always be on the cutting edge and create unique videos

doodle maker deluxe - black sand – medium

This article contains affiliate links that result to me the writer getting a commission on any sale that takes place through my link. The Commissions keep me going and encourage me to update latest Digital products in the market

the sandbox tokens: lands - medium

A LAND is a digital piece of real estate in The Sandbox metaverse that players can buy to build experiences on top of. Once you own a LAND, you will be able to populate it with Games and Assets. Each LAND is a unique (non-fungible) token lying on the public Ethereum blockchain (ERC-721)

LANDS allows you to monetize your gaming experiences in various ways. You can choose to charge others (in SAND) to visit your LAND, to play your games, or potentially sell your LAND at a profit after you customize it

the sandbox tokens: lands - medium

Getting your LAND in the first Presale (starting early December) will ensure you get it at the best price, through our early adopter discount. LAND is a finite commodity available at the lowest price for the first entrants. Over time, the sale price will increase, so it’s always a better deal to buy early

Owning LAND lets you be among the first to offer a gaming experience in The Sandbox and it’s always better to be a first-mover before the platform gets crowded with competing experiences. The first builders have a chance to create defining experiences on a new platform — the first arcade game, the first puzzle adventure, etc

When an ESTATE is owned by several players, we call it a DISTRICT. Owners of a DISTRICT will be entitled to special governance rules that affect all the experiences within. This feature will be available in future releases

the sandbox tokens: lands - medium

We want to allow decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs) to emerge from the Metaverse. As examples of a DAO, ESTATES offer a way for LAND owners to share a vision, a project, and build it together

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