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edmonton low price small aluminum hydroxide sand maker manufacturer

Proud to be one of the leading brick manufacturers in the South, we are a Durham, North Carolina based brick manufacturer.  Throughout the history of our company we have served customers in over 30 states, from the East Coast through the Midwest, and as far south as Texas

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triangle brick company | brick manufacturer & supplier

The only limit to Triangle Brick's visual design aide is your imagination.  Select from our library of paint, roofing, stone, siding and materials, then pair it with one of our brick to bring your project to light. 

Inspired by the vintage cobblestones that pave Savannah’s historic River Street. This brick offers a color palette comprised of smoked charcoal with accents of black and white. The tumbled edges only add to the charm of this beautiful brick.

best tile manufacturers and tile brands - the spruce

In a world with no shortage of tile companies, some manufacturers and retailers are destined to rise to the top. Numerous small artisan tile companies produce truly original and unique products. While these tiles are sure to make your bathroom or kitchen a one-of-a-kind showstopper, many of these tiles may be difficult to obtain. At the other end of the spectrum are large tile companies whose products are as easy to find and purchase as making a quick trip to your local home improvement store. These tiles tend to be far less expensive than the artisan makers, but they also can be ordinary or plain. Any list of the best tile companies and brands would have to balance style, price, buying convenience, and quality, and these companies all hit that mark.

Ann Sacks began her tile design career in 1980 when she discovered a box of colorful Mexican Talavera tiles being sold as trivets while shopping for a wedding dress in Portland, Oregon. The company remained largely in the Pacific Northwest for years, but then began slowly spreading its showrooms across the United States and now has locations in many metro areas. If you are looking to go beyond the typical tile found at the big companies, Ann Sacks might just be your ultimate destination.

This Binghamton, New York-based maker and retailer of distinctive tiles has only been in business since 2000, but it has made a strong impact on the designer tile landscape. Owner Susan Jablon, in conjunction with daughter Emily, produces custom mosaic glass tiles, available online, designed to dress up a kitchen, bathroom, or any part of your house that needs unique tiles.

If you want to break away from the pack, Arizona Tile offers unique, gorgeous tile. It's the go-to place if you're looking to break out of a tile rut. John Huarte and wife Eileen began Arizona Tile in 1977 in San Diego and now serves primarily the Western United States. While Arizona Tile does have a healthy range of porcelain and glass tile, it also excels in granite, marble, limestone, travertine, slate, and onyx slabs and tile.

best tile manufacturers and tile brands - the spruce

It makes sense that Florida Tile, Inc. would be located in the state of Florida, except it's not. Its corporate headquarters are in Lexington, Kentucky, with a manufacturing and distribution base in Lawrenceburg, Kentucky. For a half-century, Florida Tile, Inc. has been making porcelain and ceramic floor and wall tile, as well as natural stone, decorative glass, and metal tiles.

Unique hardly describes the products found at Pavé Tile, Wood & Stone Inc. Founded by husband-and-wife team François and Emmi Micallef, this Massachusetts-based tile company, in business since 2000, imports premium French, Italian, Belgian, and Spanish handmade terra-cotta tile.

Hakatai is an importer and distributor of glass tile and has been in business since 1997. Hakatai offers recycled glass tiles, totally carbon-free green shipping, and obscure specialty tiles. More recently, Hakatai has expanded into other tile materials such as stone and metal. But glass remains Hakatai's stock in trade. If glass mosaic is your interest, Hakatai just might be able to supply you with a product that works for your home.

best tile manufacturers and tile brands - the spruce

Based in the Portland, Oregon, area, Clayhaus Ceramics is a very personal, hands-on, and labor of love created by founders Jason and Megan Coleman. As is befitting a smaller tile studio, Clayhaus Ceramics does not have a massive quantity of products. But the tile it does have is uncommon and well-thought-out. You might just love Clayhaus Ceramics after you check out its Matte White tiles installed on stair risers.

Both a tile manufacturer and distributor, Bedrosians Tile & Stone has been in business for well over half a century, mainly on the West Coast. Bedrosians has a brick-and-mortar presence, represented by showrooms in about a dozen states. It also has a strong global customer base. Bedrosians is truly a tile business success story that has gone from being purely a brick-and-mortar operation to a familiar online presence. Bedrosians has managed to shift from being a small tile operation to a major player, without losing its small company-style customer service. It has also upped the ante with its robust and easy-to-use online tile store.

In recent years, Modwalls has become a force to be reckoned with in the world of tile companies. This online-only Aptos, California-based company designs and manufactures its own ceramic and porcelain tile, all with a modern bent. With most tile companies you have to do a deep dive to find cool tiles. But with Modwalls, cool and distinctive is business as usual. Colorful subway tile, glass, and unusual shapes are specialties at Modwalls.

best tile manufacturers and tile brands - the spruce

Headquartered in Vicenza, Italy, Bisazza has more than a dozen flagship stores across the world with an equal number in the United States. Even if you are not in the market for architect-quality mosaic tile, Bisazza's site is well worth consulting to see tile designs from internationally well-known designers.

There was a time in tile-making history, not too long ago, when mosaics were ignored in favor of large format tile. Today mosaics represent a fertile creative ground for true tile artistry. Case in point: Minneapolis-based Mercury Mosaics, with its inventive cookie-cutter shapes such as diamonds and Moroccan fish scales, made exceptional by combining lush, rich colors. Mercury Mosaics sells tile sample packs of all of their tile products so that you can see how they would look in your own bathroom or kitchen.

Del Conca is an Italian tile company that has placed roots in the United States in the form of a large factory in Tennessee. One of its innovations is Del Conca Fast Collection, a system for laying their porcelain stoneware plank tile without grout, adhesives, or joints. Each tile plank has grooves on both sides, unlike tongue and groove, which has grooves only on one side. An insert is placed in a groove as a kind of tongue and then a mallet is used to tap in the adjoining board. Besides the Del Conca Fast Collection, the company offers a huge assortment of alluring and colorful Euro-style tiles.

best tile manufacturers and tile brands - the spruce

Mission Stone & Tile is based in Tennessee and boasts extraordinary tile offerings such as its Curve Appeal scallop-shaped tiles and Hex Appeal hexagonal Carrara Basalt tiles. Besides those two stores, Mission Stone & Tile sells its products online, with free shipping on all regular-priced materials, although there are some exceptions.

Nemo Tile, based in New York, sports a generous variety of tiles, from porcelain and ceramic to stone and engineered flooring surfaces. Nemo began small, but now it has several showrooms in New York, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey.

Marazzi has its roots in Italy, and today it provides porcelain stoneware, glazed porcelain, through-body porcelain, glass, and glazed ceramic tile for both commercial and residential use. While Marazzi is not a direct retail operation, it does distribute to both independent retailers and to the big home improvement centers.

best tile manufacturers and tile brands - the spruce

Florim USA, formerly called American Florim, is based in Clarksville, Tennessee, and is an American offshoot of Italian tilemaker Florim Group. Florim USA's mission is to combine age-old Italian craftsmanship with modern production processes. In 2010, Florim USA made a name for itself as one of the first U.S. companies to bring HDG (High Definition Graphic) technology to tile manufacturing.

StonePeak is an Italian company with headquarters in Chicago and dealers scattered across the country. StonePeak offers gorgeous ceramic and porcelain tiles revolving around commercial and high-end residential installations. One claim to fame is that StonePeak was the first United States-based manufacturer of giant-format tiles.

As the name says, Oceanside Glass & Tile is all about glass tile. Since 1992, it has supplied glass tile for high-profile commercial and residential tiling applications. No mass producer of ordinary tiles, one of Oceanside Glass & Tile's specialties is art glass.

best tile manufacturers and tile brands - the spruce

Based in Scottsdale, Arizona, but distributing in other states, Villagio Tile & Stone features ultra-swanky tumbled stone and travertine, among other types of tile. Villagio Tile & Stone does not have an online store, but if you are ever in the Scottdale area, it is surely worth a visit if you are in the market for tile.

American Olean is a subsidiary of Daltile. In 1995, Daltile acquired American Olean. Both Daltile and American Olean are owned by Mohawk Industries, a conglomerate that touches on many home remodeling industries, mainly flooring-related. Because American Olean is a favored brand of Lowe's home improvement stores, it tends to be less expensive than other tile offerings. If you want a good, inexpensive tile that does the job for bathtub surrounds, walls, floors, and backsplashes, American Olean can help you bring your project in under or at budget.

Daltile manufactures tile in the United States, with several operations in the United States and Mexico. The company offers options including glazed and unglazed tile, glazed and unglazed ceramic mosaics, glazed porcelain tile, unglazed quarry tile and a variety of stone products. In terms of availability, Daltile is one of those few tile manufacturers that you can find everywhere. You can find Daltile in more than hundreds of dedicated retails sales centers, as well as at Lowe's and Home Depot. Also, Daltile is a huge enough operation that it can offer popular favorites as well as a number of unusual product lines.

best tile manufacturers and tile brands - the spruce

Floor, wall, medallion, natural stone, and resin borders can be found at this California-based tile company, which has branches in Texas, New Jersey, and Illinois. One of its innovations is contemporary, elegant prefabricated porcelain tile countertops.

Merola Tile provides porcelain and natural stone tiles for kitchens, bathrooms, walls, and floors. Merola Tile is a wholesale distributor of tile to brand-name retailers, so you cannot purchase tile through the company directly. You can find much of Merola Tile's offerings at Home Depot.

brick facings | brick tiles | brick cladding | brick slips

Brick facings, also known as brick slips, brick cladding or brick tiles are simply a slimline brick, typically 22mm thick. Due to their slimline nature, they can be used as a tile to cover walls and floors in a manner similar to ceramic tiles. The most striking feature of our brick facings is that they are a genuine brick, not brick patterned wall paper or fake plastic brick cladding, bringing a more luxurious and high quality finish to your space. We offer brick facings in numerous brick styles which ranges from classic old red brick facings, to a reclaimed and rustic feel to less common varieties. Most of our brick facings are available with brick corner pieces to ensure a perfect finish

Estimating how many brick facings you need is really quite easy. Multiply the height (m) and width (m) of the wall or the width (m) and breadth (m) of the floor area you need covered, this will allow you to calculate the square meters required. If you want to covert this to individual facings, multiply the square meterage by 56 (this assumes a 10mm mortar gap). For brick facing corners, measure the linear metres of external corners that need cladding (in mm) and divide this number by 75mm, this will calculate the number of individual brick facing corners you will need. We advise that you order 5% more than required to allow for wastage during installation

Glazed Brick Facings provide an elegant and stylish feature for both residential and commercial interiors and exteriors. Each hand crafted brick or brick tile is created by our skilled brick makers, before being coated in a specialist glaze and fired in the kilns. Adding a glazed brick into your space will add a level of sophistication, class and elegance

Dust down the prepared surface and remove any grease or dirt. Seal the surface with a suitable primer or waterproofing if required. Mark out level lines using a spirit level on the blank wall surface. The surface must be able to support 40kg per square metre

brick facings | brick tiles | brick cladding | brick slips

Mix the tile adhesive to the desired consistency following manufacturer’s instructions. You can either apply the glue to the wall or alternatively butter the backs of the brick tiles. The adhesive chosen must meet or exceed ANSI 118.4 and ANSI 118.11 adhesion standards. Commonly used adhesives include Monoflex or Ardex X17

Apply the first course of brick facings to the surface in the desired pattern, cutting in where necessary. Use spacers to space the brick tiles to the desired spacing. Note, brick facings do not need to be spaced, a dry stack look can be achieved by butting the brick facings up against each other

Once all of the tiling is complete, the adhesive has dried and the facings are completely dry, brush down to remove all excess dust with a stiff brush. Do not rush this step, take the time to get the bricks completely dry and brush thoroughly from top to bottom

brick facings | brick tiles | brick cladding | brick slips

You may wish to add a first coat of sealant to protect the brick facings (this is optional – but recommended in kitchen areas to avoid any grease splashes or marks). Please see section below for more information on sealing

Following the manufacturer’s instructions, mix the pointing mortar or premade grout to the desired consistency and colour. Add mortar into the pointing gun and apply the mortar into the joints, then either strike off the excess using a jointing tool or "smear off" with a dry cloth (i.e. German Schmear). Please note there is a difference between pointing and smearing. Pointing will give a cleaner look while smearing will produce a more rustic finish. The "German Schmear" technique often produces the best results and plenty of tutorials for this technique can be found online but general rules for this technique are:

C) Before the mortar begins to set (which can take anywhere from 20 to 45 minutes, depending on the temperature and humidity) use a trowel, wire brush or wet sponge to remove some of it from the surface of the bricks. How much you remove depends on personal preference. If you take off a small amount of mortar, you’ll end up with a softly muted look, since merely a hint of the original brick colour will show through

brick facings | brick tiles | brick cladding | brick slips

E) There is no right or wrong to the "German Schmear" its just personal preference - its always best to test batches of mortar and application styles to spare bricks before you start on the main project to determine the type of smeared finish you want.​

Our reclamation style brick facings, which can be identified by the white scumming on the brick surface (and the use of the term reclamation in their name), should not be wet sponged. During pointing, the excess mortar should be cut off with a trowel. Mortar dags and smears on the work face should be removed by dry brushing within 1-2 days. We advise that only white mortars should be used with our reclamation styles, this allows the mortar to match the colour of the white scumming on the brick facings

Please also be aware that as our brick facings are cut from genuine handmade brick when you get them they may be still wet or damp. The final colour will not become apparent until they have dried. The difference between a wet and dry brick facing can be seen below

brick facings | brick tiles | brick cladding | brick slips

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Remodels can be tough, but we’ve got you covered. Our free design services and DIY workshops help make the process as smooth and easy as possible. All you have to do is tell us about your space, take home tile samples and watch your dream room come together

Tile adds distinct beauty and functionality to any room of the home, especially your most lived-in spaces. With over 6,000 products to choose from, including exclusive collections designed and manufactured by us, we have tiles as unique as you

From how lighting affects tile to what size is right for your space, we’re here to share our knowledge with you. Schedule your free, one-on-one design consultation with one of our experienced associates today

the tile shop - high quality floor & wall tile

Did you know we added thousands of new products just in the last year? That’s why we devoted the second volume of our design book to highlighting our new and signature collections. And with the biggest tile selection in the U.S., there’s a lot to love

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